Zechariah and Elizabeth
By Eric Hays
on December 26, 2021
By Christy Ingebretson
on December 19, 2021
By Steve Craig
on December 12, 2021
Do You See What I See? - King Herod
By Eric Hays
on December 5, 2021
New Creation
By Alex Absalom
on November 28, 2021
The Church
By Will Walker
on November 21, 2021
The Holistic Gospel
By Mike Sosa
on November 14, 2021
Incarnation: The Humanity of Jesus
By Eric Hays
on November 7, 2021
The Prophets
By Eric Hays
on October 31, 2021
Redemption - The Exodus
By Eric Hays
on October 24, 2021
We believe church should be a community of people who come together as we journey and encourage each other as we live out our faith. That’s why FCC has been ministering to our community for over 40 years and would love for you to visit us!
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