The Gift of Hospitality
By Alex Absalom
on July 25, 2021
Truth, Love, and Student Ministry
By Matt Ridings, Youth Director
on July 18, 2021
Bodybuilding 2021
By Eric Hays
on July 11, 2021
Living in Dependence
By Roger Dill
on July 4, 2021
Father's Day: Raise Your Sword
By Doug Ingebretson
on June 20, 2021
The Best Summer Ever
By Lindsay Goodwin
on June 13, 2021
S.O.W. Week 4 - Presence of God
By Alex and Hannah Absalom
on June 6, 2021
S.O.W. Week 3 - Profound Conversations
By Alex and Hannah Absalom
on May 30, 2021
S.O.W. Week 2 - Parties
By Alex and Hannah Absalom
on May 23, 2021
S.O.W. Week 1 - Prayer
By Alex and Hannah Absalom
on May 16, 2021
We believe church should be a community of people who come together as we journey and encourage each other as we live out our faith. That’s why FCC has been ministering to our community for over 40 years and would love for you to visit us!
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